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We will respond in a timely manner!


Prices are for 10 of each coupon. i.e. if you order quantity 3 you will receive 30 of that coupon. If you want less then 10 you can order half (5 coupons) by putting .5 in the 'Quantity to order' box. (decimal plus 5). You can also use the .5 if you want say 15 of a certain coupon you can put 1.5 in the 'Quantity to order' box and you will receive 15 of that coupon.

The price will adjust automatically~either it will subtract half or add half, depending on your order. You will see it on the far right of your order.


Shipping is a flat rate of $1.00 unless you wish to upgrade to First Class with Tracking ($3.00), Priority ($7.00) or Express Shipping ($35.00).

*Express shipping is 1-3 days depending on where you live and is the only option that is guaranteed by the USPS.

limits to purchase

For the most part no. Occasionally when there is a Super hot coupon we will set a limit of 40 per day per household. It will clearly state this in the coupon description that there is a daily limit.

shipping times

Orders placed by 7 AM PST Monday through Thursday will ship that day.  Orders placed from 7 AM PST Thursday until 5 PM PST Friday will ship Saturday.

Express/Overnight shipping is not always 'overnight' it depends on where you live (i.e. rural areas). This is a USPS issue, not anything to do with us. Our zip code is 99302.

Please check on their site to see exactly when you will receive your Express order. If it does not arrive by their guarantee you can get a full refund of the shipping costs.

Please remember these are shipping goals not a guarantee. It is extremely rare that we do not ship on time.(less then 5 times in the last 2 years).

If we can not fulfill our goal we will contact you immediately.

left computer

We have a 'secure cart' system in our store. You have 45 minutes from the time you starts shopping to finish your order. If you don't the cart automatically empties. We hope this well enhance your shopping experience with us as it will prevent popular items being taken out of your cart before you can check out.

arrival of new coupons

All new clipped coupons post Friday before their release at 6 PM PST and start shipping Monday.

arrival of new coupons

Removing soon be expired coupons is done manually. Sometimes we miss one. Please check the expiration dates when ordering.

mistake on order

Please contact us right away. We will do all we can to make it right!! We strive for 100% accuracy but we are human and occasionally an error will happen. We will own it and fix it.

in person pick up

No we don't.

do you offer whole inserts

No we don't. We pay full price for newspaper subscriptions. Getting whole inserts from us would not be economically advantageous for our customers.

time tables

Our time is based on Pacific Standard Time (West Coast).

Here is a little 'cheat sheet' to help you figure out the time difference.

6:00 PM PST IS...

3:00 PM Hawaii Time

5:00 PM Alaska Time

7:00 PM Mountain Time

8:00 PM Central Time

9:00 PM Eastern Time

meanings of abbreviations
(excludes trial/travel size)
(do not double)
B1G1 free
(buy 1 get 1 free)
B2G1 free
(buy 2 get 1 free)
Date in ()
(the day the coupon expires)
Numbers with /
(the value of the coupon .55/1 means .55 cents off when you buy 1.
.55/2 mean .55 off when you buy 2)

You can find which insert the coupon came from in the description. For example~ *Crest .50/1 ets (02/01/16) RP 1/16* means Crest .50 cents off the purchase of 1, excludes trial sizes, coupon expires 02/01/16 and it came from the RP insert the week of 1/16.

P&G and General Mills are listed in their own category.

what makes us different

We truly care about our customers. We are family owned and operated. We have been in business for 5 years and have a stellar track record of taking good care of our customers. We are very 'personable' and have that 'Mom and Pop' feeling along with the professionalism you expect by a business.

Our customers have access to us.

We believe in keeping things simple. We know you want to just order the service you would like, be confident that it will arrive correctly and be done with it.

We want to Thank everyone for being our customer. We have very loyal customers who have stood by us as we have tried to perfect our business. We are well aware we are nothing without our customers!!

Tammy and the WCC team