For the week of 4/23 there will be (2) inserts (1) Smart Source and (1) Red Plum

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Friday at 6 PM PST April 21st

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Red Plum 4/23 ~ We will have these exact coupons

All $1.50/1 fresh clean essentials ets (5/20)

All $1.00/1 product ets (5/20)

All $.75/1 141oz, 150oz, 50ct powercore or 67ct mighty pacs detergent (5/20)

Contour $10.00/1 next one smart meter (5/23)

Covergirl $2.00/1 eye product excluding 1-kit eyeshadows, accessories and trial size (5/6)

Covergirl $2.00/1 product excluding 1-kit eyeshadows, cheekers, accessories and trial size (5/6)

Dove Men+Care $1.50/1 bar 4pk or larger or body wash product ets (5/7)

Garnier Fructis $1.00/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment excluding 2.9oz and 3oz trial size (5/20)

Garnier Fructis $1.00/1 style product excluding 2oz trial size (5/20)

Garnier Nutrisse $2.00/1 product (5/20)

Garnier Nutrisse $4.00/2 products (5/20)

Garnier Whole Blends $2.00/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment (5/20)

Nature's Bounty $1.00/1 optimal solutions product (5/31)

Nature's Bounty $1.00/1 vitamin or supplement (5/31)

Orbit $1.00/1 white gum bottle 40ct, peppermint or spearmint dnd (7/16)

Osteo Bi-Flex $3.00/1 70ct or larger (5/28)

Osteo Bi-Flex $3.00/1 ease 28ct or larger (5/28)

Quilted Northern $.25/1 product (5/20)

Slow-Mag $2.00/1 tablets (6/30)

Snuggle $.50/1 product ets (6/3)

Snuggle $1.00/1 scentables product ets (6/3)

Sundown Naturals $1.00/1 vitamin or supplement (5/28)

Smart Source 4/23 ~ We will have these exact coupons

Alaway $3.00/1 antihistamine eye drops (7/31)

Blue Diamond $1.00/1 64oz shelf stable almond breeze (6/25)

Blue Diamond $1.00/2 32oz or larger shelf stable almond breeze (6/25)

Colgate $.50/1 toothpaste 3oz or larger (5/6)

Colgate $1.50/1 360 twin pack or multi-pack only manual toothbrushes excluding free product packs (5/6)

Colgate $1.50/1 adult or kid?s battery powered toothbrush (5/6)

Colgate $1.50/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 400ml or larger (5/6)

Colgate $1.50/1 toothpaste twin pack or multi-pack only 4oz or larger (5/6)

Don Francisco's Coffee $1.50/1 family reserve 10oz or 12oz bag or 12ct or 18ct single serve box (6/1)

Don Francisco's Coffee $1.00/1 can (6/1)

Elmer's $1.00/3 pourables 4oz or larger (6/24)

Eucerin $1.00/1 body lotion or cr?me 2.7-16.9oz excluding baby (5/7)

Eucerin $3.00/1 baby product 2-13.5oz (5/7)

Eucerin $3.00/1 body lotion or cr?me product excluding baby eczema relief cr?me and daily hydration broad spectrum spf 8oz  (5/7)

Florastor $4.00/1 20ct or kids 20ct sachet (5/22)

Florastor $6.00/1 50ct or max 30ct sachet (5/22)

Huggies $1.00/2 wipes 56ct or larger (5/13)

Huggies $3.00/2 diapers 10ct or larger (5/13)

Huggies $3.00/2 little snugglers, little movers or overnites diapers 10ct or larger (5/13)

Johnsonville $1.50/1 flame grilled chicken breasts dnd (7/31)

Kerasal $2.00/1 intensive foot repair (6/30)

Kerasal $4.00/1 fungal nail renewal (6/30)

Kotex U $1.00/1 pads or liners excluding liners 14-22ct and trial size (5/20)

Kotex U $1.00/1 tampons ets (5/20)

Kotex U $2.00/1 fitness products excluding liners 14-22ct and trial size (5/20)

Land O'Frost $.75/1 premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (5/20)

Land O'Frost $1.00/1 premium sub sandwich kit (5/20)

Lysol $.50/1 disinfectant spray or disinfectant max cover mist 12.5oz or larger (6/6)

Lysol $1.00/1 laundry sanitizer 41oz or larger (6/6)

Maruchan $1.00/3 bowls (7/31)

Maruchan $1.00/3 yakisoba products (7/31)

Mitchum $1.00/1 product excluding dry spray, trial and twin packs (5/27)

Mitchum $2.00/1 dry advanced control spray (5/27)

Nivea $1.50/1 body lotion, cr?me or oil product 2.6oz or larger (5/7)

Nivea $4.00/2 body lotion, cr?me or oil product 2.6oz or larger (5/7)

Opcon-A $1.00/1 allergy eye drops 15ml (7/31)

Opcon-A $3.00/1 allergy eye drops 15ml twin pack (7/31)

Oroweat $.55/1 bread product dnd (7/23)

Oroweat $.55/1 sandwich thins rolls product dnd (7/23)

Pull-Ups $2.00/1 training pants 7ct or larger (5/13)

Purpose $1.00/1 bar soap (6/30)

Purpose $2.00/1 cleanser or moisturizer (6/30)

Suave B2G1 buy two hair care products and get one hair care product free excluding 12oz essentials and trial up to $6.00 (5/13)

Wet n Wild $.50/1 product (5/6)

Wet n Wild $1.00/1 eyeshadow palette (5/6)

Wet n Wild $1.00/1 face product (5/6)