For the week of 9/916 there are 2 inserts.  (1) Smart Source and (1) RetailMeNot

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When can we order these clipped coupons? (We do not sell whole inserts)


Friday September 14th at 6 PM PST. 


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Orders placed Friday after 1 PM PST ship Monday. The cut off for Monday shipping is 4 PM PST Sunday.

Orders placed before 9:30 AM PST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will ship that day.  Orders placed after will ship the next day.   Orders placed by 1 PM PST will ship either Friday or Saturday morning.
Orders placed Friday from 1 PM PST until Sunday at 4 PM PST will ship Monday.

Orders placed Sunday from 4:01 PM PST until Tuesday 9:30 AM PST will Tuesday.

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SMART SOURCE 9/16 ~ We will have these exact coupons

2000 Flushes $.55/1 automatic toilet bowl cleaner (12/16)

Aveeno $2.00/1 body lotion, wash, shave, or anti-itch product excluding 2.5oz and 1oz sizes (10/6)

Aveeno $5.00/2 body lotion, wash, shave, or anti-itch products excluding 2.5oz and 1oz sizes (10/6)

Belvita $1.00/2 breakfast biscuits 8.8oz or larger (10/27)

Chips Ahoy $.55/1 thins cookies 7oz or larger (10/27)

Dole $.75/1 fruit bowls in slightly sweetened coconut water (11/30)

Dulcolax $3.00/1 product 25ct or larger or suppository 4ct or larger (10/31)

General Mills $1.00/3 cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, reese's puffs, chex, blasted shreds, cocoa puffs, trix, cookie crisp, golden grahams, kix, fiber one, wheaties, raisin nut bran, total, basic 4, oatmeal crisp, nature valley boxed cereal, or nature valley granola (10/27)

Hormel $.50/1 pepperoni product 4oz or larger (10/21)  

Mucinex $3.00/1 fast-max cold& flu combo packs (10/28)

Mucinex $3.00/1 fast-max combo packs (10/28)

Philips Sonicare $10.00/1 protectiveclean 4100, protectiveclean 5100, or essence+ rechargeable toothbrush (10/16)

Philips Sonicare $15.00/1 protectiveclean 6100 rechargeable toothbrush (10/16)

Philips Sonicare $5.00/1 airfloss, essence, or for kids rechargeable toothbrush (10/16)

Pillsbury $1.00/3 refrigerated baked goods products (12/8)

Rolaids $.75/1 3pk (10/22)

Rolaids $2.00/1 bottle 60ct or larger (10/22)

Schick $3.00/1 disposable razor pack excluding 1ct, slim twin 2ct, and 6ct (10/7)

Spot Shot $.55/1 instant carpet stain remover (12/16) 

Werther's Original $1.00/2 caramel popcorn bags (11/30)

Werther's Original $1.00/2 caramels bags (11/30)

Wet n Wild $.50/1 product (9/29)

Wet n Wild $1.00/1 face (9/29)

Wet n Wild $1.00/1 mascara (9/29) 

Zantac $3.00/1 24ct or larger (10/22)

RETAIL ME NOT 9/16 ~ We will have these exact coupons

Arnicare $3.00/1 gel 2.6oz or cream 2.5oz (10/31)

Barilla $1.00/1 ready pasta pouch (11/11)

Crest $1.00/1 toothpaste or liquid gel 3oz or larger excluding 4.6oz cavity, baking soda, tartar control/protection, kids, and trial (9/29)

Doan's $2.00/1 extra strength pain relief caplets or pain relieving cream with lidocaine (12/31)

MARS $2.00/3 fun size bags 7.94oz-27.4oz dnd (10/31)

Midnite $2.50/1 product (12/31)

Persil $2.00/1 proclean laundry detergent excluding six loads or less (10/14)

Purina Bella $2.50/6 wet dog food 3.5oz trays (11/11)

Purina Bella $5.00/12 wet dog food 3.5oz trays or one 12ct variety pack (11/11)

Salonpas $2.00/1 product excluding 1ct and 2ct patches (11/30)

Schwarzkopf $2.00/1 keratin color, color ultime, or got2b color hair product (9/30)

Schwarzkopf $3.00/2 gliss hair repair products (9/30)

Stonefire $1.00/1 product (12/31)