For the week of 1/13 there is (1) insert Smart Source. 

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Friday January 10th at 6 PM PST.  


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Orders placed Friday after 1 PM PST and before 4 PM PST Sunday ship Monday. The cut off for Monday shipping is 4 PM PST Sunday.

Orders placed before 9:30 AM PST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will ship that day.  Orders placed after will ship the next day.   Orders placed by 1 PM PST will ship either Friday or Saturday morning.
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Orders placed Sunday from 4:01 PM PST until Tuesday 9:30 AM PST will Tuesday.

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Smart Source 1/13

Airborne $1/1 product (4/13)
Arm & Hammer $1/1 toothpaste 4.3oz+ (2/2)
Belvita $1/2 breakfast biscuits 8/8oz+ (2/23)
Campho-Phenique $1.50/1 product (2/28)
Campho-Phenique $4/2 products (2/28)
Curel $2/1 moisturizer 13oz+ (2/24)
Curel $4/1 hydra therapy wet skin moisturizer 8oz+ (2/24)
Jolly Time $.50/1 microwave popcorn (3/17)
Nabisco $.75/2 cookie or cracker products 3.5oz+ (2/23)
Neo-Synephrine $1.50/1 spray (2/28)
Neo-Synephrine $4/2 sprays (2/28)
O, Thats Good! $1.50/1 frozen pizza (2/24)
O, Thats Good! $1/1 soup or side dish (2/24)
Oui $.30/1 french-style yogurt product (3/9)
Pillsbury $1/3 refrigerated baked goods products (4/6)
Rachael Ray Nutrish $1.50/2 dog treats bags (3/10)
Rachael Ray Nutrish $2/1 dry cat food 3lb+ bag (3/10)
Rachael Ray Nutrish $2/1 dry dog food 3lb+ bag (3/10)
REMfresh $3/1 12ct or 36ct (4/30)
Russell Stover $1/2 sugar free candy 2.4oz+ dnd (2/10)
Tabasco $1.15/1 5oz+ (4/13)
Vitafusion/Lil Critters $1/1 bottle 70ct or less (2/10)
Vitafusion/Lil Critters $3/1 bottle 90-204ct (2/10)
Wet n Wild $.50/1 product (1/27)
Wet n Wild $1/1 eye product (1/27)
Wet n Wild $1/1 face product (1/27)