Week of 6/11
Important - Please read before ordering~

~ Items will stay secured in your shopping cart for 45 minutes. After that your cart will automatically empty if you do not check out.

~ If you want less then 10 coupons use the decimal system. i.e. .4 for (4) coupons. Do NOT add a zero .05 is half of 1 coupon.  .25 is NOT possible. It would be 2 1/2 coupons.

~ Shipping Schedule - Orders placed from 6 PM PST Friday until 4 PM PST Sunday ship Monday.
Orders placed from 4:01 PM PST SUNDAY until 9:30 AM PST Tuesday ship Tuesday.
WEDNESDAY orders must be in by 7 AM to ship that day.   Orders placed after 7 AM will ship Thursday.   This includes Priority and Express orders.  
 Thursday and Friday orders placed before 9:30 AM will ship that day.
~ Make sure your payment shipping address and the shipping address listed with the store match and are correct!  If a mistake happens please email us immediately!